Programme Information

An Overview of the iHELP Programme

Entry requirementsCompletion of a high-school diploma
Program Duration20 weeks
Campus LocationBangkok

Develop the core academic skills
and language needed to thrive while studying at AIHM

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Master the English language skills you’ll need to succeed at AIHM and beyond

iHELP provides students with relevant English-language skills – including speaking, listening – required to enter our BBA programme. It also introduces students to key hospitality terms and phrases while raising their cultural awareness in preparation for further studies at AIHM.

By the end of the 20-week programme, students are able to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Write papers with the skill and accuracy needed to communicate their intended message and demonstrate an understanding of important concepts.
  • Express themselves orally and with confidence – both in class and on the job.
  • Read and understand academic texts and recognise the different writing approaches/styles.
  • Understand the general meaning and key information in spoken contexts.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of a variety of cultural perspectives.

Course Content

These are the key courses covered in AIHM’s Intensive Hospitality English Language Programme:

  • English Skills
  • Reading and Writing
  • Listening and Speaking
  • English for Hospitality
  • Skills for Success
  • Culture and Tourism

English Skills
This course provides training in all the English language skills as required for the final examination, with emphasis on grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking. It prepares students for real-world communication by exposing them to language in a variety of registers, forms and contexts. Throughout the course, they will be encouraged to improve their accuracy and fluency through a variety of activities, in which they will be expected to actively participate in order to take control of their learning.

Listening and Speaking
In this course, students develop listening strategies and speaking skills for both general and academic settings. They will review and reinforce their language structures while studying long-form listening extracts and reacting to them orally. This course also involves role-playing and creating short presentations to develop speaking confidence. They will practise putting forward their own point of view and supporting it with evidence – encouraging the development of their critical-thinking skills.

Reading and Writing
During this course, students develop reading strategies and writing skills for both general and academic contexts. They will review and reinforce their language structures while studying long-form reading extracts and reacting to them in writing. As with the Listening and Speaking course, they will further develop critical-thinking skills by practising expressing their own evidence-supported point of view in writing.

English for Hospitality
This course reinforces the language skills developed in the English Skills course, giving students the chance to practise the skills they have developed in a hospitality context. Students will work on building hospitality-related vocabulary and extend their communication skills through role-play, speaking activities and professional letter-writing – all with regards to hospitality.

Skills for Success
This course provides the students with the core academic skills and language needed to continue their studies. They will listen to lecture extracts and take notes, developing reading strategies to understand long-form academic texts and to write academic papers. Skills developed include describing graphs, processes and data. Students will practise presenting an opinion in an academic context, structuring an academic essay, process writing, summarising, paraphrasing and reviewing their own written work.

Culture and Tourism
In this course, students explore tourism and the reasons that people travel. They will consider ways of defining culture and how to relate to their own culture and that of others. The course seeks to develop awareness of cultural differences and to encourage understanding of these differences and acceptance of others. They will relate this understanding to tourism and their perceptions of the needs of guests and customers. The course also introduces basic research activities and how to make formal presentations, developing the skills needed for further academic study.

Hospitality Projects
This course provides the opportunity for students to activate their language and use of hospitality terminology in context. They will be asked to use English within hospitality situations relating to restaurants, hotels and events. They will consolidate their use of English in various activities and develop teamwork through a group project that focuses on event planning.

The entry criteria for the student is:

  • Age: 17.5 years old – minimum/mature students are also welcome
  • Thailand applicants: completion of Matthayom 6 required

The programme is open to students with English-language scores in the following ranges:

  • TOEFL Paper: 477-510
  • TOEFL iBT Paper: 52-60
  • IELTS: 4.5 average

For students who want to progress to the Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Hospitality Management, view the programme information and admissions requirement here.

iHELP is an intensive, full-time programme that is held five days a week for 20 weeks. The complete course is priced at THB 99,000.