The Asian Hospitality Management (AIHM) in academic association with Les Roches brings together future leaders from around the world. They benefit from a top-rated education, as well as a global outlook. See what some of our students have to say about their time at the institute.


Peerachaya Samruayruen

The thing I enjoyed most about the last semester at AIHM was the lecturers. All of the lecturers are supportive and are devoted to their subjects and students. All classes are fun and engaging, with each lecturer possessing a unique style. Other than their expertise, they are all easy to talk to and respectful, unlike any teacher or lecturer I have ever met.

Khemkhaeng Rohrbach

There were many moments in those five months that I enjoyed. My favourite, most memorable, and the thing that I was impressed with the most in the classes would be the lecturers. All of the lecturers are very inspiring, motivated, and passionate about the subjects they teach, which truly encourages me to try harder in the upcoming semester. Another thing I enjoyed about the first semester was that all of the classmates were very friendly and helpful. They always helped me and inspired me to work harder in and out of class.

Siraphop Hiranuran

The first semester at AIHM has been really good. I had a great time with lecturers and classmates as well as certificate students – they are older than me but we can still be good friends, and I also got a lot of different perspectives from them. During every class, the lecturers always help all of us be clear on everything as much as they can, and they always encourage us to participate in the class. Even though we learned online, we were still productive because of the support and care of the lecturers. I am sure that if we were on campus, we would have even more fun and joy than this.

Niramol Khanijou

The first semester at AIHM went rather swimmingly. Whilst learning online, there was still full support from lecturers. Each lesson was well constructed and had helpful PowerPoint slides to aid learning. Within certain subjects, we also got to meet with guest speakers and broaden our thinking outside of school and more in the real business world. It was a great way to start my journey at AIHM and I look forward to the second semester.

Apichai Chaicharoen

I like all the teachers because they always support and encourage me – when I have a problem, they are always there to help. I like my classmates as they always help each other and explain things that I don't understand. Honestly, on the first day of the semester, I put a lot of pressure on and challenged myself because this was my first time learning in English only, without Thai. In the beginning, it took time to adjust, but as I continued to study, I felt that I began to adapt to this learning system and felt very fond of what I learned because it was to develop myself to be more efficient. I thought at the beginning the assignments were very difficult, but because of the teachers and friends helping me, it made the tasks seem easier whilst still challenging.

Nattavadee Rodsatra

The first semester, though it was online, was fun, enjoyable, and packed with so many things I have never known before. All the lecturers at AIHM are very passionate about teaching, and they always make sure that we understood what was taught. Everyone in the class was supportive of one another – I was delighted to be studying alongside my peers at AIHM.

Siraphop Watthanabaramisakun

The time I enjoyed the most at AIHM was when we studied together, worked together and succeeded in the courses of the first semester. The environment, friendliness and mutual assistance (whether lecturers-students or students-students) really motivated me to move forward. The hard times seemed to vanish when I got support from everybody. These are the times that I treasure the most.

Ahmed Mohamed

As this was a new experience for me, I would say the past four months have been a wonderful journey, from the support and help from all the lecturers to the unforgettable moments and the bonds which we have shared among all the students. I would like to highlight – the way the course was arranged and the way the lecturers presented by engaging with the students was amazing.

Ekaterina Masiutina

I liked the way all classes were structured, that we had the group task as well as individual, so every student could improve his/her skill as a team member and foster self-discipline for personal tasks. Big thanks to all lecturers who were very supportive of us during the whole semester!

Nichthita Akkarathaweesirirab

AIHM is very welcoming, it gives the vibe of a lovely home. Every lecturer is supportive and professional.

Kanpitcha Sidang

My experience at AIHM has been truly amazing. What I like most is how interactive the classes are, we all get to participate and so it's never boring!

Pattaranan Thongthep

The thing that I like the most about AIHM is the environment in the classroom. I get to interact with my classmates a lot during classes and activities, which makes it very enjoyable. All the lecturers are also supportive and easy to talk to, unlike any lecturer I have ever met.

Pimmada Triviwat

The teachers here really care about their students. All the teachers teach with real passion and care.

Phopthong Tantaseraneewat

The reason that I love AIHM is because everyone is friendly and supportive. And the way we study in class is very fun and I enjoy it.

Sirin Sarakul

First of all, I think the environment at AIHM is great. The location and views make me relax and feel like this is not just a university. Next, the way instructors teach us is not like Thai schools: they say, “If you have questions just ask anytime, no one is going to scold or laugh at you”. What we have been taught here is not just to pass the exams, but to understand and develop thinking and analysing skills.

Konnipha Termngam

Since the day I started studying at AIHM, I've had a great time. All of the teachers are wonderful and supportive, and I appreciate the way they encourage people.